Industrial/Warehouse Mezzanine Floors can enable you to expand your storage without moving, building or acquiring new premises by building your operations upwards. We have a great record with the safety and innovation of our designs, with double or triple tier mezzanines combined with various other features (such as pallet gates, cantilever racks or railings) creating a perfect solution to your requirements.

A Mezzanine Floor is a steel structure used to double, triple, even quadruple your floor area: giving you extra space to add that new office, more space for extra shelving and storage, or simply adding an extra work area to increase your productivity.
Mezzanines can be built very quickly, this helps to minimise the disruption and down time during normal operations.

Each Mezzanine Floor installation is custom made to the client’s individual requirements. We will evaluate your requirements and propose sizes/heights that meet your needs, and then we will design a unique solution to your requirements.

Albion have a great history with mezzanines and we are considered experts in this field having had 25 years in the industry to hone our skills. Despite our reputation; we do not rest on our laurels and will work hard and compete for every project to ensure your contentment with your solution.