Albion Fabrications create various types of gates and railings to suit your needs. We create all of these products ourselves using our facilities and as such can provide any type of finish (including galvanising, plating, and painting).

Albion’s products in this field can be broken down into two categories:

Industrial – for industrial application and designed with strength in mind for the safety of your workforce and property in defense of a factory, warehouse environment or to protect machinary.

Commercial – for commercial application and designed by our team with not only safety in mind but also a visual quality that you desire for an office space.

At Albion we have a great record with the production of railings and, from previous projects, have impressed with workmanship, attention to detail and the aesthetic of the final product.

Albion offer quality balustrades and handrailings for many different applications.

In their most basic form our balustrades can be split into three different categories:

Commercial Balustrades – these are designed for commercial use in office areas and workspaces. The design focus on visuals and aesthetics.

Industrial Balustrades – these balustrades are for factory and warehouse application and are designed to be visible (possibly with kick panels) and functional.

Retail Balustrades – these balustrades are designed in order to complement the feel of a retial space whislt also adding important safety features for the edges of mezzanines.

Our Balustrades are all bespoke and as such you have the ability to specify any area of the design. You can choose colours, finishes, dimensions, styles and materials (meshes, bars etc..). Galvinisation and plating options are available for external use and there is the option of powder or wet painting.

Albion have previously created quality balustrades for many different projects by the WS Group, but buying direct from Albion Fabrications is now an option. Please, Contact Us for more information.