Fabrications are a big part of our business and we pour all of our skill and experience into making the most functional and high quality items we possibly can.

Our fabrications expertise include:

General Fabrications – We offer a wide range of general fabrications including: goal posts, guide rail, angles & channels, universal beams & columns, plates & sheets, hollow section and tubes.

Benches – Fabricated multipurpose benches that have diverse application in many working environments.

Stillages – We also specialise in stillages which are similar to a pallet but with a cage or sides or some form of support typically tailored to the material it is intended to carry. Some are designed to be stackable.

We work to our own designs, so all of the above items are bespoke and can be tailored entirely to your satisfaction with all aspects from style and dimensions to finish covered by our team.

Our lead times on the products above are excellent and, as always, our quality is even better.