Albion also fabricate a set of crearive attachments for standard front load forklifts. These attachments such as snowploughs help to diversify you vehicle base while retaining a cost effective solution that is easy store when not being used.

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These attachments are better than purchasing specialist equipment in two ways: firstly, they are MUCH cheaper than buying, for instance, a purpose built snowplough. Secondly they are also much smaller, reducing the space thaken up by the seasonally used snowplough when not required.

Forklift attachments are becoming increasingly popular for factories and small handling companies and Albion is competitive in quality, design and price for these products.


Albion Fabrications has developed its own unique design solution to the problem of a frozen workplace.

This snow plough adaptation for forklifts not only provides all of the functionality you would expect but also allows for practical storage when it is not being used.

When it is not needed for snow clearance it can also be utilised as a general purpose yard scraper.

A simple and cost effective solution.

Technical Specification:

Standard width of 1500mm

Fitted with a pivotal heavy duty concave blade

Bolt on 12mm thick reversible rubber wear strip

Fork pockets with T pinch bolts to fit most forklift trucks


We truly believe that this product stands head and shoulders above competitors and that we provide the best value solution.