Cantilever racking is a special type of rack with the arms only connected on one side. The benefit over this type of racking over a standard rack is that they are ideally suited to the storage of long products that may require an open ending to reduce risk of damage (such and timber or piping).

Our cantilever racks can also be galvanised for use outdoors and can be finished in any way you wish. All our products are bespoke so if you any special requirements for cantilever racks then it is no problem for our team. Racks are available in any colour.

Albion Fabrications have a very professional, experienced and highly skilled team who are committed to the generation of quality racks that guarantee the customer’s satisfaction. However it isn’t in the general production of the racks where we beat the competition, it is in our unique designs. Which mean that we can provide a perfect and sustainable solution to any cantilever racking needs.